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Wednesday 26, June 2019



Crisis is far from over

By: Syed Adeel ur Rahman, Uploaded: 19th August 2010

More than 20 million people have been directly affected by floods, 1500+ people have died, more than 4 million are homeless, and approximately 80% of country’s food reserves have been wiped out.

Even these terrifying statistics are not enough to depict the true picture of devastation which has resulted due to this horrible flood as the experts are saying “the worst is yet to come”. As those who are left behind to live in such a condition when they are homeless, sons have lost their parents, sisters don’t know the whereabouts of their brothers, cattle lost, crops destroyed and with all this they will be living with ponds of stagnant water, ready to spread epidemic and horrifying diseases.

This is all for the people who are citizens of a country which was already at the verge of bankruptcy, facing high inflation, poor economic and employment conditions and are the unfortunate victims of terrorism.

Various local and worldwide organisations have become active to raise donations and deliver to those who are desperately in need. Although the response seems to be slower than what is required but what is more worrisome is that it shouldn’t be impulsive, as the after-effects of this natural disaster are more than the shocking waves of a devastating earth-quake or tsunami.

As the affected homeless people have to live with epidemic diseases with no source of income, children have to live hoping for just a morsel and even worse conditions you can think of. Also, in case of Tsunami and earthquake, it was comparatively easier to reach the affected people. The places where the affected people now have to live is far beyond the access of a common man who is not well equipped to reach remote areas, even well equipped organisations are finding it really difficult to approach them.

In this scenario, the role should be more supportive to the front-line organizations, whoever it may be, but which deserves to be trusted and relied upon. Overseas Pakistanis can be the major driving force and they really need to step up, as there aren’t many resources of internally generated funds you can expect within Pakistan by even well-off Pakistanis, and this support shouldn’t be one time.

The point is to keep in mind sustainability and treat the affected people as part of your family. Having said that, it is more appropriate to conclude that this family needs a share from your earnings on consistent basis. Although there are issues of lack of trust but this is an emergency situation in which any second thought of not doing anything should be immediately rejected. Apart from organizing fundraising events and channelising the donations to the affected people, we need to think ahead and shouldn’t take rest, when our people are struggling for their existence.

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Story first published: 19th August 2010






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