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Friday 22, February 2019



Sialkot Murder: Letter to Chief Justice

By: Ateeq Ahmed, Uploaded: 26th August 2010

Chief Justice of Pakistan
Mr. Iftikhar Muhammad Chauhadry

I am writing to you from London, in a direct appeal for you to come to terms with the severity of the problems you are facing in Pakistan, to deliver justice for Muneeb and Mughees – and to take Pakistan into a new era free from corruption and embezzlement.

In this holy month of Ramadan we should be praying for the millions of flood victims, appealing to the world to help these people and to help Pakistan as a whole.

Instead the shocking images of the two brothers Muneeb and Mughees executed in public has shifted media attention and focus where the world has seen the side of Pakistan that the media has portrayed … a barbaric country that does not value human life.

For generations, the Pakistani people have had to accept and live with this – what about the youth of today – have they been born in to a life of misery and anguish?

Is it acceptable that our son can be killed in this manner. That no one steps forward to save them because people are cowards or afraid of the police. That the police will look on and encourage such brutality.

Pakistan as a country needs to wake up and start living in the real world and address these problems.
Give the youth of today a chance to sort out the problems – but they cannot sort out problems if the system fails them, if the system is corrupt and if the system does not give them a opportunity in life.

Those police officers that were present for my brothers killings showed no remorse – they and many of the police force have been complicit in killings in the past.

Clearly, this is not the first time this has happened – the shocking scenes have occurred hundreds if not thousands of times in the past but on those occasions the footage was not seen, voices not heard – but Allah (swt) sees everything and now we want our voices to be heard and for you to personally see that justice prevails not only for Muneeb and Mughees but for you to listen to each and everyone of those who come forward and say that they have also suffered injustices in the past and for you to listen to them and for you to rid the poison that is in the police force and bring those accountable to justice.

I would urge you to think about the mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters of those who have been mercilessly killed in the past yet not one single word has been heard because there is nobody to listen.
Their pain, grief and unbearable suffering of losing a loved one because the police force is complicit in these murders has gone on far too long.

You have been appointed by the people of Pakistan to be a leader, to lead from the front and take the country in to a new generation – one in which the Pakistani people can have faith in and under the guidance of Allah (swt) be a nation that we can get back on its feet and we be proud of.

We are asking you to act swiftly yet acknowledge all the facts and make a strong decision in bringing all the perpetrators to just justice.

Muneeb and Mughees may be gone but they will long live in our hearts.


Ateeq Ahmed

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Story first published: 26th August 2010






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