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Tuesday 24, September 2019



Are you on Facebook?

By: Noreen Shams, Uploaded: 3rd September 2010

Everyone in my circle of friends makes me irritate when they ask me questions like “Are you on Facebook?”, “Don’t you have FB ID?” err! and that’s really irks me as I am living like an alien on earth who doesn’t have an ID of cyberspace.

Since childhood, I have a psychological problem that I start to dislike something when everyone starts to like it. Even if I liked that thing earlier, I loose interest in it. It might be something strange, but it happens to me naturally.

The same very thing happened to me for Facebook a year back, when Facebook wasn’t that popular, particularly in Pakistan. I not only had a Facebook account, in fact a very active profile. Then a time came when Facebook became popular and I abandoned my account due to same psychological problem with me, as I started to dislike FB.

Today FB has become an epidemic here in our society. All age groups have a vibrant and dynamic FB profile. The epidemic of social networking is not limited to just a screen and person, but it has revolted our social lives too in many ways.

There was a time when two best friends traditionally shared their secrets over phone or face to face, but today they don’t need to be traditional, yet their secrets can be discussed on FB. It can also be discussed but a third person who can give his suggestions by commenting on that discussion.

I also feel that people don’t bother about their privacy matters anymore, in fact they feel delighted when others people get to know about their current moods through their status and level of tastes by their clicked likes and dislikes.

There are various type of silly acts people seem to be doing on FB. Whenever any updates of a person added in their profile pops up, they like that for no reason. People tag each other in all types of pictures, which is pretty annoying at times.

The status published by people are even funnier. I laughed when I read the status of one my friends, who was getting married. A day before her marriage, she had the status that “Mehndi had been applied on my hands” or “a day left in my wedding.” What a casual life has been introduced, thanks to FB.

Facebook also has strong characteristics to make others feel jealous. I am deeply saddened for the possessive lover who dies every hour when he sees his love talking to thousands of people at one place and others are commenting on the ‘beloved’s’ profile. This might be one of the reasons why Facebook is blamed for high divorce rate in America.

Even I have to bear losses for not having a profile on Facebook. All of my friends and mates discuss gossips there and I get deprived from all the news and stories, like who is getting engaged or who’s getting apart? All gossips reach me but at a later stage, however FB enjoys the heat waves of breaking news!

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Story first published: 3rd September 2010






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