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Wednesday 21, August 2019



The “French Revolution”

By: Syed Ali Raza Abidi, Uploaded: 9th September 2010

According to Wikipedia, “The French Revolution (1789–1799) was a period of radical social and political upheaval in French and European history. The absolute monarchy that had ruled France for centuries collapsed in three years. French society underwent an epic transformation as feudal, aristocratic, and religious privileges evaporated under a sustained assault from liberal political groups and the masses on the streets. Old ideas about hierarchy and tradition succumbed to new Enlightenment principles of citizenship and inalienable rights.”

One may argue that the person calling for the revolution may not be present in Pakistan, but one cannot deny the fact that MQM’s Chief Altaf Hussain speaks of the will of millions present on ground, which is at this time prevalent in the country especially after the massive displacement by the floods. The national mood in Pakistan now, is no different than the public sentiment prompting the French Revolution which is a common ingredient for a public uprising brewing in Pakistan.

It took them 3 years, maybe it will take Pakistan only 3 days. Hence, the comparison must be of basic disorderly similarities leading to the demand for change, accountability of the oppressors, and justice for the oppressed.

We’re not French, neither we are European nor we have monarchy rule in Pakistan. But what we know is that never before Pakistan had gone through such devastating times, which was natural initially, but tempered with by political and establishment’s heavy-weights along the way as the flood waters passed through Punjab and Sindh. This was done at the behest of the law enforcement agencies on orders of the Feudals supported by the establishment, which led to inundation of thousands of villages that would have been spared if the water was let to follow its natural course. Only for selfish gains, lives and livelihood of millions of the poorest of this country were destroyed for years to come.

Unfortunately, our corrupt politicians were following the policy of ‘more damage equals more aid’ but it did not work out this time. The world has pledged a total of US$ 1 billion, out of which Pakistan is yet to receive 80% of pledges even after a month since the devastation had started. It is clear the world does not trust our administration and the Government to help bail out this country from further collapse, and there is no economic way, Pakistanis will be able to recover from it alone. In comparison, the Balakot earthquake of 2005 got US$ 6.4 billion in a short period for foreign countries and billions worth of local aid and donations from citizens.

Rehabilitation needs finances, and the delay will force famine, malnutrition, inflation, disease and death. We are witnessing these factors on a daily basis in Pakistan at the relief camps and localities where help is yet to arrive, thus forcing intentional starvation of people who once had homes, land and assets to fall back on.

Our national debt is touching $55 billion and we need another $15 billion only to bring back Pakistan to 27th July 2010. This financial strain is due to the continuity of the culture of mismanagement and lavish expenditures of the rulers and looting, plundering national wealth by the most corrupt politicians and bureaucracy of Pakistan. The system of taxation is inadequate and inefficient, and directly heading towards a collapse, especially when inflation is spiraling out of control and only by increasing levies on utilities will be used for income generation by the government. French were unable to manage national debt because of wars, but we are suffering at the mercy of our elected fake degree possessing politicians and their selfish needs.

It is imperative, that the Judiciary of Pakistan must understand where this nation is heading, and must take steps with the patriot power circles to win the trust of the citizens and the International community, before the rural settlers start marching to urban centers without the fear of being turned back, as they will have nothing to lose except their lives for whatever it takes. Honorable, serving or retired judges need to preempt a possible reaction from the millions who are looking for justice, equality, and fair compensation against their losses, with right of rehabilitation, instead of letting these corrupt Feudals decide the fate of nation.

With the available provision in the Constitution of Pakistan “Part VII, Chapter 2 of the Constitution (Articles 176 through 191)” that deals with the powers, composition, rules, and responsibilities of the Supreme Court. The specific Article 190 says – “all executive and judicial authorities in Pakistan are bound to aid the Supreme Court.”

Pakistan Army is the most popular organized management establishment in Pakistan, if we were to choose from the best. Since the army has been the first and foremost to provide relief to the flood victims. The people of this country will welcome a step taken by the judiciary to instruct the armed forces of Pakistan to carry on its orders to its fullest implementation.

Of course, the corrective steps need to be taken before the actual “Pakistani Revolution” takes place. It is time the outgoing generation of Pakistan should undo its devastating trends itself, so that the future generations can have at least peace and security in Pakistan.

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Story first published: 9th September 2010






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