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Sunday 21, October 2018



Altaf Hussain’s U-Turn

By: Abu Saad Khan, Uploaded: 6th October 2010

A leading Urdu newspaper published the headline on 29th September, “Altaf Hussain criticizes America for the first time.” Previously, MQM’s chief Altaf Hussain has never criticized US policies, even in soft words. The change in MQM’s stance has been welcomed by people of Karachi, given that this move is not a result of any specific event concerning the leader.

The U-Turn by MQM’s chief can rightly be called the second U-Turn in Pakistan’s history. However, this U-Turn seems to be in the interest of Pakistan and the Muslim Ummah. This change in policy is also important in the sense that while sitting in United Kingdom, Altaf Hussain has spoken against the policy of United States or the West, endangering his life and political asylum. It carries a lesson and message to other politicians of Pakistan, that the West and Americans are nobody’s friend. They only protect their own interests, not even of those whom they have given political asylum.

Having said that and keeping in mind MQM’s change in stance, the vast majority of Pakistanis, whom MQM’s chief referred to during his speech, should assure their support to Altaf Hussain for standing by the nation.

Some may still argue that this might be Altaf Hussain’s tactic to bargain with International Establishment, which seems to be after him in UK as serious allegations are being leveled by British media against MQM.

On the other hand, some optimists say that Altaf Hussain might have changed his opinion due to the on-going massacre of Muslims and he might have been convinced by the stance of Jamat-e-Islami’s Munawwar Hasan, who is a big time critic of US aggression on Iraq and Afghanistan and its meddling in Pakistan’s internal affairs. I am myself a strong opponent of Anti-Pakistan policy of US, and I hope that MQM’s chief joins the bandwagon for good.

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Story first published: 6th October 2010






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