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Wednesday 26, June 2019



Drinking water in Sialkot

By: Qamar Raza, Uploaded: 17th October 2010

The drinking water of Sialkot was considered the best from the rest in Pakistan before 1990. It had sweet taste, was not bitter, and was pure. But from last 10-15 years, persistent complains are coming up that a lot of people were becoming infected with diseases like tuberculosis and hepatitis, due to drinking water.

According to an investigation done, the main reason which came to notice was that it is due to faulty planning and laying of the water pipeline side by side of the sewage pipeline, hence the drinking water supply of the city is being mixed up with the leakage in the sewage pipeline, due to the usage of cheap material in the construction of these pipelines. The liquid industrial waste is also being dumped in the ground, which often mixes up with the water stream due to leakage in the pipes.

The areas most effected are Habibpura, Hajipura, Rangpura, Fatehgar Road, Khadim Ali Road, Kashmiri Muhalla, Greenwood Street and Nekapura.

Estimates indicate that each year, more than three million Pakistanis become infected with waterborne diseases. In several areas, increased arsenic, nitrate and fluoride contamination was detected in drinking water.

The Ministry of Water and Power reported in 2002 that only 1% of the domestic and industrial wastewater receives treatment. In rural areas, wastewater treatment is nonexistent, leading to pollution of surface and groundwater.

This matter is very serious and the government and public alike should look into resolving this matter as it imposes a serious health threat!

The government should take notice of this as soon as possible. The most appropriate solution is to replace the outdated pipelines and distance the drinking water and sewage pipelines, ensuring if any leakage occurs then it will not be mixed up by any kind of waste materials.

Secondly, the corruption mafia should be abolished by all means! It is due to this disease that the funds of the government for welfare of the people are snatched by the officials of the project and every one involved in the game is paid so they use cheapest material in the market for development of pipelines or roads etc. Resulting in a leakage or breakage that in turn harms the local population and becomes a serious health hazard.

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Story first published: 17th October 2010






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