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Sunday 24, June 2018



Positive role of media

By: Hamid Nazir, Uploaded: 11th December 2010

Media is one of the most important source of information these days. Media of any country is the reflection of that country. TV, radio, magazines and newspapers make public opinion. Their positive role makes the nation strong.

When Pakistan came into being, there were only three radio stations. Press, radio and TV are vital forces in Pakistan. A number of Muslim owned newspapers were established including two English Newspapers before the creation of Pakistan in 1942.

Print media is the oldest medium of mass communication. Newspaper can reach greater masses of public. The newspapers have played well in spreading the poison of sectarianism and parochialism and presented the news of immorality in exaggerated form to prove the weakness of the government. Those Newspapers played an important role in the propagation of Pakistan ideology and popularity of Muslim League and proved helpful in the creation of Pakistan.

The Positive role of media can increase the media space, highlight political engagement, develop awareness in public because through that we can share information with the help of mass communication. We can bring out the hidden talent, we can get public opinion about certain events, current issues.

The negative role can mislead the people, when they play with emotions of the people and exaggerate the problems relating to a territory, language and their common interests, then it becomes difficult to maintain unity and harmony. The people suffer from enmity, discontentment and lack of confidence. Due to rapid expansion of media, we lack media content, their focus is on quantity rather than that of quality. Moral vacuum, health problems are also due to massive number of sources of information.

The pen of a journalist affects the attitude of the people, so he/she should be conscious of his/her duty. They can develop a better picture opinion at national level if they try to remove the negative doubts and confusions from the minds of the people.

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Story first published: 11th December 2010






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