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Wednesday 26, June 2019



Ravishing Port Grand ——— Breathe of fresh air!!!

By: Mahwish Mahmood, Uploaded: 8th June 2011

Ravishing and magnificent is Karachi’s newest Port Grand. Gone are the days when we use to sigh while watching luxurious beach resorts and restaurants in Hollywood and Bollywood movies, because now Karachi has provided its dwellers with the same contentment in the form of Port Grand.

13-acre world-class facility opened its gates on 28th May’ 2011 to the enjoyment starved crowd of Karachi. It’s a whole new feeling when you enter the secured area, full of dazzling lights, fountains, music and in particularly food. The food enclave runs along the port where you can view the sea while sitting on green benches lined across the fresh green turf and enchanting street lamps.

It is such a dreamy and wonderful sight at sunset because one can see ships loading and unloading cargo from all over the world along the sea while enjoying the favorite national and international servings of food. Naughty and energetic kids can also find their entertainment in the form of live cartoon characters.

People can feel an air of antiquity as the ancient trees, for example 150 years old Banyan Tree have been preserved and most importantly Napier Mole Bridge also known as Native Jetty Bridge has entirely been reconstructed. This bridge has a life that dates back to Alexander’s era. It is a great sense of revelation when one can see history staring in the eye and telling that you are my offspring.

Port Grand can easily be compared to any of the international tourists spot as it has all the possible chunks of enjoyment. It is being hoped that this unique point of attraction will force tourists to visit Karachi again and this is the main reason of introducing internationally known restaurants such as the Noodle House and some other brands as well.

With all the above excitement, shopping malls act like a cherry on top of the delicious cake. Men, women and children can purchase all the goodies they want. The place really serves it all.

An entrance fee of Rs. 300 is charged out of which Rs. 200 can be claimed at different outlets in the vicinity. Only families are allowed in the area in order to protect the decorations from the hooligans roaming in the city.

In the end it can be concluded that Port Grand tends to make Karachi, the city of lights once again. These lights have long been put out by the extremists and people have no where to go because of the persistent element of danger. But Port Grand shows a different picture by providing people a perfect platform to hang-out and enjoy life’s serenity. May this project initiate a lot more projects like it in order to restore normalcy to our country. Long Live Karachi, Long Live Pakistan!!!

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Story first published: 8th June 2011






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