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Tuesday 24, September 2019



Hopes are dying

By: Farhan Afzal, Uploaded: 25th June 2012

Hopes Dying

“Mulk ko mazak bana k rakha wa hai” What I said when I got to know that Raja Pervez Ashraf was elected as Pakistan’s 25th Prime minister. Nothing will change; the hopes that once were alive are fading away. Ever since the news broke out, the people of Pakistan has gone furious, some may be crying as they see no future for the beloved country. Is this what Quaid dreamed of? Why is Pakistan always suffering? He is a complete disappointment to the nation, the promises he made to the people of Pakistan were always considered as meaningless. “There will be no Load shedding by December 2009” Raja Pervez Ashraf words, someone needs to tell him that 3 years have already passed and the situation has gone worst. Why would he care at first point, because he is not suffering! And the nation doesn’t mean anything to him.

Pakistan may be the only country who has suffered the most in these past few months. The prices are touching the sky, according to Wolfram Alpha the whole sale price inflation in Pakistan is gradually increasing by 21.33 % per year. This matter needs serious attention or else Pakistan is going to face unpleasant consequences.

The country is blessed with the 2nd largest salt mine in the world, 2nd largest Dam in the world which is in Indus River, 5th largest Goldmine, 5th largest Coal reserves are in Pakistan, 7th largest copper mine of the world, These are true facts, some of you may not be aware of them.

The corrupt leaders of Pakistan have been a big disgrace. Knowingly that world talks bad about them, never bothers them. Money is there God and they see nothing beyond it.

We are forgetting that a Nation that cannot stand still will always face difficulties. There is a famous quote by the Father of nation Quaid_e_Azam Muhammed Ali Jinah saying:

“If we want to make this great State of Pakistan happy and prosperous we should wholly and
solely concentrate on the well-being of the people”

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Story first published: 25th June 2012






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