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Tuesday 24, September 2019



A Father of Today

By: Farhan Afzal, Uploaded: 18th June 2012

Fathers day

I was no more different than any other child; I am 21 years old now. I dedicate this article to all those brave fathers who work hard day and night to feed us, shelter us and comfort us.

“How simple it is to earn” this is what I said once, when my father handed the salary to my mom. The realization of what it takes to earn comes when you yourself earn.

Waking up early in the morning, not making much of noise, he slowly gets his way out while you are asleep. Taking the burden on his head he hopes he will return with a smile and can say “The day was fine” and while you being unaware asks him if you can go to the fun fair or anywhere else, no matter how tired he may be, he will never say no.

The pillar of a family, the guardian and the savior, the words may fall short for him but his dedication and commitment will always set an example for his children’s. A father is a source of strength, a teacher and a guide.

Taking pile of bricks on his head, working on a construction site, and the sweat slipping down from his cheeks, under the blazing sun and at the end of day earning 400 RS and while heading home, thinking how to feed his family. Paying the school fees when knowing nothing will be left behind he takes his way out to find work and returns with an amount of money his family can survive. Shortage of food, below satisfactory income and no matter what he is confronting, and out of nowhere he smiles because he believes that one day he can fulfill the promise he made to his family. Somewhere down the corner he may cry, not letting anyone see him. He stare at the sky and waits for the miracle to happen.

I just wish I could understand my father.

-          Michael Jackson

Though the Father’s day have passed, but still wishing you all a very happy belated Father’s day. Just a simple message to all the sons and daughters; your father is a King, treat him like one.

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Story first published: 18th June 2012






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