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Tuesday 24, September 2019



A Humble Request to YDA (Young Doctors Assosication)

By: Mariam Shah, Uploaded: 25th June 2012


The strike by Young Doctors Association has entered another day in Lahore. It’s really alarming, as many poor patients are waiting outside the hospital and in the close proximity under the open sky in this scorching heat. Many underprivileged patients have come so far from their villages just to seek and consult a doctor over here. But unfortunately the ones who are the saviors are fighting a war of their own rights and demanding justice.

This nation is already suffering at the hands of this corrupt and inept government. The daily suicides blasts, target killings and sectarian violence are taking many lives. Young souls are committing suicides because of unemployment and hopelessness; fathers are poisoning their families because they are unable to feed them, unfortunate incidents like car accidents, mishaps, murders, power crisis and the sizzling heat waves are enough to take many precious lives of the poor citizens of this state. The rate of psychological disorders is reaching its heights over here as depression and anxiety disorders have become common. This nation is fast becoming intolerant and insensitive, just because of the treatment they are getting at the hands of the so called “welfare state”.

I understand it take years of constant handwork, dedication and patience to become a doctor, I agree that to become a doctor is not an easy and painless task, but please don’t punish those who don’t deserve to be punished. Doctors have spent their money, time and energies to wear that white coat; many have even studied under very difficult and unexplainable circumstances but they get too less (even clerks are better paid then these doctors) for what they are doing. I do realize that whatever they are getting is nothing in front of their education and time they spend, many thousands less educated are more privileged than these doctors, but this is not the way to register their protest. The ones whom they want to make realize and trying to give a lesson are in ease, they can even afford to go abroad for their routine checkups, but the deprived lot is suffering at every end.

Medical is just not a profession, its more than that, and all doctors should keep this mind. I know their plight and I fully agree to their grievances, I am all there to support their cause and their struggle for justice and rights, but they should not do this at the cost of many human lives. To deal with human life is not so simple, the negligence, ignorance and these types of strikes can take many precious lives. I sincerely request the YDA to please revise their decision. May be, at some end, they will be responsible for some loss of lives. Many eyes are looking at them, so please don’t stand in the line of troublemakers nor be among those who are heartless, callous and insensitive towards the tragedies and crisis of this nation. Don’t get counted among those who are constantly playing with the feelings and psyche of the masses.

Mariam is a human rights, youth and a peace activist, doing MPhil in Peace and Conflict Studies from NDU. She is affiliated with a Defense and Geo-political Magazine ‘Fortress’ and PKKH News Service. She tweets @mareium.

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Story first published: 25th June 2012






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