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Monday 23, September 2019



The effect of CGPA on a student’s life

By: Farhan Afzal, Uploaded: 16th June 2012

student life sucks

You may be a recent University graduate and holding a CGPA of 2.0 or above which is actually
considered as the minimum a student can graduate with and then what?
“Where on earth you will find a job?” you get teased by friends, family or may be your very own
professors. Things starts getting narrow and sleepless nights seems to be students best friend. Is it the only way to judge a student? A student should always be given a chance to prove himself, to show his abilities.

Eventually this subject opens many new chapters; one of the chapters is when the parents do not bother to know what their child wants. What is his aim, what makes him happy, what he is interested in, in what he can become more productive? “I will do it” a sentence bounded with so much confusion, fear and a question mark. Parents often forget that “a happy heart make things flow like a river”. You want to master in Law and you are been told to pursue in Engineering and then a hopeless academic career begins, begins with no goals in mind, no idea what engineering will bring on his/her way. You don’t want to do it because that’s not your taste, it does not make you happy and it all ends up in an expected outcome for which I think a student should not be blamed.

Every parent have dreams to make their child what they wish to, at this point they must realize and understand what future consequences they can face. To learn is good, but to learn something that you have no idea is bad. The lack of motivation from the parents, family and friends results in student not concentrating on his “never wanted” field. The spirit comes within itself when you love what you are doing. This makes you and your family happy and contented.

Though it is often seen in Pakistan that children’s have to live up with the parent’s highest expectation or they will be subjected to scolding or even leaving the house. There is this true story I was told by my cousin, there lived a boy in a village, once he failed one course and he was told not to enter his house by his very own parents and the boy did a suicide. Parents have forgotten that failure is not permanent.

There is this time when you did bad in one of your subject and you say to yourself, “I studied hard, I was awake all night” This brings your morale down and hence you see your coming exams to go the same way, but there is always a second chance, fold your sleeves and be a fighter who never loses hope, is hardworking, stands by his commitment’s and is dedicated.

And remember “There are no shortcuts, and if you are making one, you don’t deserve a win”

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Story first published: 16th June 2012






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