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Monday 23, September 2019



“How to’s” of Breakup

By: Faisal Hussain, Uploaded: 20th June 2012

Researcher in Australia suggests that easy way of breaking up with a person is  showing some element of respect to him or her is appropriate rather than fighting and moaning.

“Its over” this phrase is never going to be great news no matter how it is delivered.

Doctor suggests that the relationship should be called off in face to face terms; you don’t have to deliver the bad news by SMS or email in worst case scenarios, ending it in person shows that you have respect for the person and the relationship.

Never hesitate to tell the truth, for instance; “its not you, its me” just doesn’t go with the flow. Tell your partner with etiquette why the relationship is not working out.

Every person need a closure that is a fact. We often find it very hard to move on from a relationship if the reasons for the breakup don’t make sense. It’s better to be honest.

Delivering the news in the shape of a feedback sandwich can assuage the pain extorted. It works by saying something nice, delivering the bad news and then finishing with a positive statement.

The person getting deserted is going to feel unwanted, so it is essential to give them some good feedback amongst the bad news.

Finish on a note that the other person admire you in such manner and recapitulate, that your time together will not be forgotten.

If you aren’t sure about the next step, enlist the help of psychologist for relationship advice.

Ending a relationship requires serious contemplation and that may engross the use of sounding boards including friends, Family.

Beware of the advices from random people; this may work like an alcohol on fire, different individuals have their own agenda. So always listen to your heart or someone you trust more than yourself.

Another Major and keen aspect of breaking up is never ever deliver the news on a special occasions like birthday or anniversary. It is vital to notice some important points; the delivery of your words should always be lower than your thoughts. No matter what you thinking in your mind, don’t just let it go away for no apparent reason, when things can be handled in an easy manner.

To be clear why you are leaving, it might be a good idea to write yourself a detailed list with your reasons. This can be referred to later when you are feeling heartbroken after fixating on the good times.

Never say “We need to talk” this sets off alarm bells for other person to know that you are up to something which is not in a favor of her or him. Remember words can express more than you can imagine, so the selective words should often be used to deliver your message.

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Story first published: 20th June 2012






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