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Tuesday 24, September 2019



Pakistan’s destiny: From pessimism to hope

By: Mariam Shah, Uploaded: 18th June 2012

I never allow myself to sweep away with the tide of pessimism. I am very optimistic and always see the world with a bright eye. I know my motherland is passing through one of the most difficult period of her life, but I don’t permit my inside to think the other way. I believe, sooner or later time will change and I will see a flourishing Pakistan.

But I do ponder when I see thousand of innocents dying in suicide blasts, target killings and unfortunate incidents, when I see culprits enjoying the freedom and luxuries, when I see the convicted head of state, when is see illiterate, corrupt and dishonest individuals governing the state affairs, when I see the conspiracies hatch to malign the independent institutions, when I see political, bureaucratic and military elites least bothered about the sufferings of a common man, when there is no accountability of the corrupt mafia, when I see fathers and brothers are missing for years and everyone is answer-less, when students are forced to study without the provision of electricity and water, when a man poisoned his family because he was unable to feed them, when poor girls are killed in the name of honor, when I see students and young souls committing suicides because they were unable bear the insulting remarks, inappropriate attitude of their teachers or for some social constraints, in short everyday there is something to repent, to grieve for.

pessimism or hope

The latest saga of media-gate scandal has further shattered the trust of a common man. Who is trust worthy and who should be trusted, has become one of the most difficult questions to answer in this current scenario? The current scandal is not more than an episode to malign and damage the repute of Supreme Court. It’s just a conspiracy threaded and hatched in order to harm the smooth and independent ruling of the Supreme Court. The role of political parties in such scandals and their interests in subdued judiciary is not hidden from the nation. No doubt, judiciary is the only existing institution which has given hope to this nation and who is trying hard to disclose the corrupt and anti-Pakistan individuals. Journalists are trying hard to disclose facts, but I again I will say, whom to believe, everyone has been sold out in the human market, everyone has demanded a price of his/her words.

Coming to the core issues of this country, we can see that roti, kapra and makan are still the basic problems. The issue of “more new provinces” is not that much significant. Our political elites have made their habit of making an issue out of “non-issues”. New provinces are not the “issue” of this state. Currently there is a serious crisis situation in the country. There is absolutely no roti, kapra and makan for the poor of this country.  The issue regarding the worsening condition of the state institutions should be the focus of our rulers. There is no debate over the deteriorating order of railways, PIA, energy sector, unemployment and extreme inflation in the daily commodities in the country. Our rulers address only those issues which favor their interests and veil their existing failures and blunders.

In this age of modernization and globalization, half of this country is without electricity, and inhabitants of few areas have even learned to survive without this commodity. The rich-poor gaps have gone highest than ever; there are huge discrepancies in the welfare circle, few are feeding their dogs with imported tin packs and few are dying just because of hunger. There is absolutely no development or progression, the peace index, development index and stability of the country has gone to worse decline.

The most painful thing for me is the internal conspiracies and threats which have injured the country, which have left it to suffer at the mercy of no one, which have tried to harm its institutions and which have looted its entire wealth. What to say more, the own vultures and wolves, nourished with the blood have shredded the country from inside. It has been bleed more by internal daggers than the foreign missiles, it has been poisoned by own sons and caretakers, it has been tear apart by own defenders, thieves and robbers from inside have robbed this country, the traitors and conspirators did not even once thought about their actions and the repercussions they will produce. Sometimes I feel that it’s one of the great miracles of God that this country is surviving for the last six decades and I am still very optimistic that one day the situation will change, and I will be living in a different, more peaceful and stable Pakistan and being a Pakistani, I won’t be representing the terrorists, extremists, chauvinists, cheaters, and plunderers.

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Story first published: 18th June 2012






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