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Tuesday 24, September 2019



Tumhe Pata hai mein kiska beta hoon!?!?

By: Faisal Hussain, Uploaded: 14th June 2012

I wonder why  large number of cosmopolitans are carrying arms with them. In other parts of the world people avoid the issue of war unlike Pakistan we are in a state of war 24/7. In so many scenarios where some unarmed person is, shot by police the result is death, and it makes you wonder how cops are reckless often in the dark on the run deal with with their disreputably hard-to-aim pistols to hit an imperative organ with such miserable regularity ends with no accountability.

Place like Pakistan where nothing is safe and anything is possible, people are actually carrying arms with them, and the gloomy part is they do not belong to specific segment akin to Army, or any law order agencies. They are regular people like you and me.

People are thirsty for influence and dominance in our society, which is why from time to time we take some desperate measures for doing something we are not supposed to do. Carrying arms is a sign of power and authority- that is what our people learned so far, well both things are always unfair and destructive to the interests of humanity.

Armed culture is strongly backed by our law enforcement. Desire of carrying guns is not nothing but a display of dominance and just for the sake of scarring others and getting excessive reverence plus incentives.

Many people are aware of the mob oriented mafia movies well it is all true, politicians issue licenses to their wingmen so that they can use as shields against their oppositions. . Furthermore, these proclaimed lobbies for the politicians serve their bosses during the elections and these arms holding scoundrels commit a numbers of crimes and go scot-free.

Most of the murders in our country are usually commit with the clandestine support of the MPs and their lapdog police agencies. This ghastly tendency has underprivileged the country from peace and rule of law. Prevail of fear and terror remains to the top.

Increasing number of armed people has turned this territory a hell to live in for the educated and civilized Pakistani youth.

Since our youth have tendencies of being influenced by Hollywood or Bollywood, so the consequence of that; even a sixteen years old is carrying arms, and not just a pistol (Point 22).22 pistols and 44 Magnums. Some of them have a collection of arms with Ak-47 and M-16 (Russian Made) as if they are just waiting for war to declare.

Yes, we belong to the country where the survival of fittest left only with one option, which is obvious? either kill or be killed.

Heavy loaded escalades and four wheelers escorted with guards wearing bulletproof jackets and AKs worth of almost 200 thousand rupees, it gives you a vibe of how this Pak-watan turned into some guerilla war zone. An order in chaos that should be acknowledge by each one of us.

Apart from this pathetic culture, people are carrying arms without license and no one takes action upon that. The extensive rivalries do not allow the innocent people to live with tranquility.

Police and lawmakers are well aware of the fact that the matter shall remain the same with good exchange rate of bribery and unfair earnings lead to the corruption at its highest level. Influential personalities have an upper hand on these kinds of situation, where police cannot do anything about it, as they are scared of losing their jobs.

Ordinary people are being suppressed to the point where they end up with agony and unending torment.

”The world is filled with violence, because criminals carry guns. We decent law-abiding citizens should also have guns. Otherwise they will win and the decent people will lose.”
~James Earl Jones


The goal of writing this article was absolutely to crush such people’s feelings, sentiments or beliefs. The opinions expressed in the above article are of the writer only and do not necessarily represent News policies or views.

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Story first published: 14th June 2012






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