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Tuesday 24, September 2019



“Raju ban gya Gentleman”

By: Baiza Mehdi, Uploaded: 26th June 2012

Raja Pervaiz: ‘Kya hua tera vaada woh Qasam woh Irada….’

Yes, first of all I would like to welcome the new Prime Minister and he marks the silver jubilee in the list of elected Prime Ministers’ list of Pakistan. Does it come as a surprise? Well nomination sure came in as a surprise, but after that his premiership was indisputable.

By now we all are well aware of our Prime Minister’s Resume. However, there is no harm in recalling it.

Name: Raja Pervez Ashraf

Hometown: Gujjar Khan

Phone number and e-mail id: irrelevent

Objective: To set an example for everybody proving that one can be a Prime Minister even when accused of bribery, forgery and proven ineffective as a minister of water and power.

Experience: Appointed to the ministery of information and technology where information and
technology, both, served as a cover for his failure as minister of water and power; appointed by Yousuf Raza Gilani when his cabinet expanded.

He got elected as member of the National assembly in 2002 elections from NA-51. Later he became Minister of Water and Power in 2008. This was probably the highlight of his career, as the loadshedding continued to rise due to shortage of electricity generation during his tenure. In addition, his non-invlovement in the expensive Rental Power Plants which generated little power, earned him the title of ‘Raja Rental.’ In addition, he has also been accused of receiving kickbacks in Rental Power projects. Continuous false promises were made to the nation for ending blackouts till december 2009 and then the 14th of August of the year next, followed by 31st January of 2011. Also innumerable claims of MW ranging from 1500-3500 for generating electricity were made on different occassions during the tenure, well one can assume that these powers were being generated to supply electricity for his party. Claims of moving to alternative energies were also coined, but, guess, Raja sahab was too busy praying on the Rental Power Plant gains and buying foreign property with illegal money.

Skills and interest: Lies in lies and illicity.

References : The great Ps.

New Promises : “Free and fair elections are our major aim. I would like to affirm the nation that fair elections would be conducted,” echoed the words of Prime Minister in the National Assembly hall right after his commemoration and on the very same day his cabinet was sworn in. It seems the PM Raja Rental is in much hurry this time than before when he was just a minister without prime of power and water affairs. Within 24hrs of his election he called a cabinet meeting on resolving energy crises and in just 4 days post election he has ordered for the recovery of outstanding WAPDA dues; too many promises in one go, does not sound promising, atleast, back in the old days he just made promises related to one affair. Like one of his supporters from Gujjar Khan has reported to have praised him for “controlling” water and power really well and hopes that now as the Prime Minister he will ‘control’ the affairs of the country with equal care.

Hmmm.. our friend maybe right; he had such control over power and water that they never reached the common people and now as the Controller of all the affairs; only time will tell what happens next!

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Story first published: 26th June 2012






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