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Monday 23, September 2019



Siachen, The World’s Highest Battlefield

By: Faisal Hussain, Uploaded: 18th June 2012

The divergence in Siachen stems from the partly demarcated region on the map of this area. The Siachen glacier, located in the eastern Karakoram Range in the Himalaya Mountains, is one of the major glaciers in the Karakoram, located at an average height of 18,000 feet above sea level.

After the war of Pakistan against India in 1971, an agreement was signed between two major countries of subcontinent, which came to known as the Shimla Agreement.

Clearly, it catastrophic to clearly state who controlled the glacier, UN Officials supposed there would be no difference of opinion between India and Pakistan.However it seems like they were wrong.

In 1984, India launched a dominant military operation and has since maintained control over all the Siachen Glacier and its tributaries.

In 1984 and 1999, recurrent skirmishes took place between India and Pakistan. Nonetheless, more soldiers have died in Siachen from callous weather circumstances than from enemy firing. Both the countries maintained enduring military occurrence in the region.

Apart from the Indian and Pakistani military presence, the glacier region is unpopulated. The adjacent civilian settlement is the village of Warshi, 10 miles downstream from the Indian base camp. The region is also highly isolated with limited road connectivity. On the Indian side, roads go only as far as the military base camp at Dzingrulma 72 km from the top of the glacier.

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Story first published: 18th June 2012






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