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Tuesday 24, September 2019



The Dons; the Mafias; the Politicians; the Drugs; the Police; the Talibans – Karachi! All in One

By: Faisal Hussain, Uploaded: 18th June 2012

Karachi city of lights or city of dead, Suroosh Alvi founder of Vice Magazine, whose forty minute of effort to portray the situation of city of lights was merely not a new thing for the people of Karachi, however it somehow reflects how this country is going to jeopardize its own existence.

Karachi real-life events leave someone with the fearful sense of what the politician and mob/masses can do when pushed and pushed, disregarded or compressed upon, they will fight back with unmanageable fervor. As Nabeel Gabol (ex-MNA) said in the documentary, “I don’t trust anyone; I just trust myself and my Kalashan Kov.

Vice Magazine based out of New York City, has filmed in at least eight different countries which are known for their erratic nature. The documentary format is very gracious and gratis for the people who would like to see “Dudes on hunt”. So the opinions you will get during the whole ride will be absolutely free from television sweltering constraints. This is not the first time that some documentary has portrayed darker side of the Karachi.

This goes to show that how the law enforcers, politicians, target killers, fixers and normal people are part of something they don’t want to be a part of. Everyone is unified with some kind of compulsion. As one of the target killers define his desolation by saying: “I can’t quit, I couldn’t sleep at night. If I quit, people who are paying us handsome amount of money will track us down and squeeze us like smashed potatoes. We have their weaknesses”.

This Documentary is the best portrayal of how a tedious subject can be turned into something worth watching. The film defines some worth watching characters and how they have different conflicts among each other. Neither one of them wants to trail the white flag but blame it on others by saying: “ I am afraid of God. I am not afraid of anyone else”.

The film also depicts how people are part of different conspiracies relying on those people who are rather living a luxury life like Uzair Baloch A.K.A ppublic enemy No. 1, Hamza Khan of ANP as Number One Son, Faisal Sabzwari and Nabil Gabol as the politician.

The filmmakers go on intense operations in Lyari and Orangi Town that are meant to swab out criminals but as is often witnessed on local television, they aren’t precisely Navy SEAL operations. As the film goes on, people would be able to relate to some of the scenes from their favorite movies namely Scarface, Dum Maro Dum, Godfather and Goodfellas. For once I didn’t believe my eyes for the kind of gestures our people are trying to give by injecting Heroine in themselves and saying: “Well we are ought to get shot anyways”, so the rotting chain of this cadaverous necropolis keeps on growing and breeding many cultural demons to the point where on these dark lands, even the sun can be reluctant to shine.

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Story first published: 18th June 2012






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