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Tuesday 24, September 2019



A Trust Deficient Society…

By: Muhammad Farhan Bashir, Uploaded: 28th September 2012

ying yang

Imagine if humans were born with defined set of parameters, some good some evil. If goodness or evil was an inherent trait rather than an acquired characteristic… if some were evil, cruel, and cunning from the very beginning while others were gentle, kind and peaceful… Would it have made life any easier??

For a moment one might blurt out ‘Yes’ cause today deception is an art many have mastered. The thing that often hurts us the most is whenever we are lead down, betrayed or ditched by those whom we considered worthy of our  trust… whom we considered to be reliable… in whom we put our faith… only to earn some unneeded emotional surges and a fragment of heart that hurts… In a nutshell, encountering a ‘dual faced’ personality, being exploited by such an individual, is a fear that lingers in each one of us.  All this leads to nothing but a human psyche that is always dubious about others intent, feelings and reactions. The next time you think of trusting someone, you would think twice… If somehow the above incident turns out to be a recurring one then a general perception is built tagging human kind as misleading, cheats, deceptive or in our tongue ‘gamers’.
The question that arises is, ‘is such a perception valid?’ and ‘is it something truly justified?’ tagging humans or the world around as ‘evil’?? If it is, then am I to believe that human beings are born with an evil intent? Is the creation of my Creator , inherently flawed (God forbid)?? No it cannot be, right?? Let us join the dots… Human beings are all born ‘neutral’ … goodness or evil is entrusted upon them as they grow up, as they interact with the environment. It’s something that is ‘learned’ and is not ‘by default’ or ‘built in’… Another interesting thing to note here is that as humans are not evil, wicked or immoral by birth, this puts them on a continuum between good and evil and allows them to change themselves if motivated enough unlike a human, who, if inherently was treacherous and deceptive, would have never been able to alter his nature, no matter how much he/she tried, he/she could not have ever escaped from the matrix he/she had been imprisoned in… shortly put change was impossible for such a soul.

I now shed light on what I term as the ‘multiplier effect’. My multiplier effect might not be important for the economy, but is truly threatening to the society at large. Let’s now look at the dynamics of a trust deficient society which evolves through a multiplier effect started by one of us. Once each of us develops a perception of not trusting people believing the society to be treacherous and deceptive with the intent of using us to get their evil work done, we add fuel and contribute to a ‘trust deficient’ multiplier effect. Slowly the cycle continues with each one of us ensuring our contribution and lo we breed what we curse every now and then as a ‘trust deficient society’, not worthy of our time, energy or emotions.

No two individuals are ever the same. Each one has our own identity. Each one of us is a unique creation. Always remember that you and I can be that trigger, that source, a motivator, for changing someone. If we become so narrow in our framework of perceiving others and set tags from the very inception then we will never be able to escape from the viciousness of this evil cycle. Just condemning the system is no good, be that spark that brings the change. Be the torch bearer and lighten other people`s lives by adopting a positive approach. Be bold enough to change others for the good, cause remember everyone is moving along a continuum, that which lies between good and evil….:)

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Story first published: 28th September 2012






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