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Tuesday 24, September 2019



Are We Any Different?

By: Muhammad Farhan Bashir, Uploaded: 25th September 2012

are we different

An empty boat is moving… It’s not being steered or dragged, yet it’s moving…
The water underneath hardly lets it rest. The waves are in motion and so they keep the boat moving. The boat silently keeps going, to and fro, to and fro….
Sigh… I feel sorry for the boat, alas it can’t even rest on its own accord; it is so much on the mercy of the moving waves… Unless the waves don’t rest, the boat cannot stop. It keeps swaying… at the same time making sure it doesn’t topple…

It is so highly dependent on these waves for its survival. Its very existence is because of the watery waves, had they not been there the need for the boat would have never been felt. Its fate is tied to that of the rocking waves; it can do nothing to be free.

A glowing lamp on a dark night presents an enchanting sight.
The lamp, it flickers, with every single shove of wind… Every time the wind blows, it threatens the flame.

The lamp is doing an honorable job, giving light to the needy yet it’s constantly being poked by the wind. The wind trying to blow it off… the lamp resisting, ensuring its survival. The flame can never rest unless the wind stops, alas it can’t breathe if the wind do cease. Such is the fate of the poor flame…

Both the rocking boat and the flickering flame can’t do anything to change the state they are in. They are passive bodies dependent upon the doings of the waves and the wind. Their creation, their survival and their existence is all tied and sealed with that of the waves and the wind…

I look at myself and people around…Am I just another rocking boat floating along on the waves of this world??? Am I just another flickering flame whose existence is constantly being challenged by the wind?? Is the purpose of my existence so closely tied to that of this world that today I DO ONLY, I WEAR ONLY, I FOLLOW ONLY what this world dictates me too??? Have I today become a slave of this world???

Truly I have… No one can deny that… I do only that which is acceptable to the world…My actions are based on how the world will perceive them to be… My worries are if the society will appreciate my doings or not…not once do I realise that the society is formed by none other than people like me and their acceptance or rejection should not bother me for I was sent into this world for:-

“I have created the jinn and humankind only for My worship”
(The Holy Qur’an, Chapter 51, Verse 56)

Last but not least, If I`m in the same situation as that of the flame and the boat then I ask myself if I`m exactly as they are?  Am I so dependent on this world for every single thing? I may have fashioned my living in accordance with the trends of this world but is my existence so strongly bonded as that of the flame and the boat with the wind and the waves? Am I so `passive` an object as they are for if I can`t do anything to improve my situation then truly my `being` is questionable…

This world will never let you settle, just like the waves and the wind it will try to destabilize you. It may not support you, when you do things right, it may even become a hurdle when you choose the right paths… but always remember that you have to fight just like the flickering flame, you have to fight and save yourself from toppling over like the boat for you were created with a PURPOSE, you are NOT DEPENDENT on this world for anything and your fate is NOT TIED to this world…

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Story first published: 25th September 2012






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