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Tuesday 24, September 2019



Is Exorcism justified in the age of medicine?

By: khurrum zia, Uploaded: 6th September 2012

Exorcism is a trait which has deep roots in our society. Exorcism before independence was very common in India. After partition, many so called experts of exorcism came to Pakistan and start their business.

In early years after the formation of Pakistan some evils may have existed and may be at that time some genuine exorcist may be available in society to held the people in need.

If we look at the current situation, society do not need these persons as chances of an evil spirit existing or entering a person are very remote.

Poverty, illiteracy and lack of religious and social knowledge are the main causes that let the so called expert on exorcism to do thriving business.

Muslim’s holy book Quran is send down by Allah through its Apostle, Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon. Him) to read it thoroughly, to understand it and also to follow it in letter and spirit.

Sadly in our society where illiteracy rate is high, people with vested interest have promoted propaganda that Quran is a difficult book and one needs a guide to understand Quran. Allah in Quran say that I have made this Quran easy for understanding but rather then following Allah’s command we follow those person who want to have control on the people by not allowing them to read and understand Quran.

Lack of awareness about various diseases among masses is another major cause that people fall prey to the trap of these professionals. Depression is one common example in our society and often a patient suffering from depression in certain segment of society thought to be under an influence of any evil spirit and taken to an exorcist rather then to a proper medical practitioner. Often the patient reaches doctor when the disease becomes more serious.

Poverty in our society is also a reason as low income households prefer these experts over medical practitioners because they feel that medical treatment is expensive and this exorcist may eradicate the disease in a cost effective manner with out realizing that attempt of causing the disease treated by unqualified person may threaten patient’s life.

Not only are these so call expert on exorcism, but magicians also a major problem in our society. The so called Amil Nagi Bawas and experts of Bengal’s magic are in abundance in our society. They give people weird advice like sitting in a grave in night or burying things inside a grave.

A family’s determination to have a male child is also allowing all these persons to do thriving business. Person or a family going over board in its urge for a male child is again violating Allah’s commands.

The way I see this matter, it is more about lack of awareness among our people no matter which segment of society they belong too.

To clean the society from all these persons who claim to remove evil or claim to solve all social problems through special magical powers are the real evils that are damaging the society. A mass awareness campaign needs to be run at all levels including mosques and educational institute. People need to be told with impulsion that if they believe that every thing happen with Allah’s intention then for problems solving also they must pray to Allah with conviction and try to take effective corrective measures rather then running to these experts in search of a quick remedy for their problems.

Media is making an effort to unearth these fake elements of our society but we need a more structured effort in this regard.

This is high time that society as a whole come to this understanding that their is no room for Exorcism and work together for it’s completely eradication.

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Story first published: 6th September 2012






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