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Tuesday 24, September 2019



Reviving the spirit of 6th September

By: Mariam Shah, Uploaded: 7th September 2012

defence day

Ever since the creation of Pakistan, the immeasurable sacrifices rendered by our soldiers had always set a beacon of light for the coming generations. It’s a reality that the spirit of sacrifice doesn’t die and fades away in a true soldier. He is all set and ready over again whenever and wherever he is needed. Our history is a witness and it revealed that our armed forces went far off in the meadow of sacrifice; put their lives over the sanctity and honor of their mother land, spilled their blood, and stood as a shield to guard and secure the sacred borders of the nation state from 1949 till date.
Historians who shared with reference to the 1965, 1971, Siachin and Kargil operation and give words to their feelings regarding the spirit to fight and defend among the soldiers of this soil, is enough to pay salutation to the fighting souls. Our history and narrations from the war veterans are quite sufficient to acknowledge the role, our armed forces played in every critical situation to protect the boundaries of this motherland. Every year, 6th September revives and revitalize the will, the strength to make sacrifices among the whole nation in general and in uniform men in particular. The golden history is filled with sacrifices our armed forces gave to secure the borders of this land.
From the time when the war against terror started back in 2003, our military is mobilized in the country’s spheres. Our armed forces didn’t go through a major war after the Kargil debacle, so this war on terror is one of the greatest confrontations, Pakistan would ever face. This war is a far more difficult than a conventional war. This is a war with a clandestine orientation, guerilla warfare tactics are used by the inland enemy against our military. This war is hard and it’s different from a predictable war situation. There are no defined frontiers, war is everywhere, there is no local/nation support, enemy is not clear and identified, and there is uncertainty everywhere. Our Territorial Army is playing a vital role in this war against terror, since a decade.
A very important aspect this intense war has disclosed and highlighted is the courage and strength of our soldiers to fight and face the enemy is as active and vigorous as it was in 1949 or it is in Siachin. The operations Rahe-e-Nijat and Black Thunderstorm in this war on terror were as dynamic, spirited and filled with sacrifices as the operation Gibraltar in 1965. The generations have passed, but the motivation to do great has gone inherent among the dedicated sons of this land.
There is a huge loss to the valuable life, apart from that many thousands have been crippled in this war on terror. No matter what, but a soldier is also a human being. What’s the thing that keeps him moving? Why he preferred his country over his family and loved ones, why he preferred to be in a war zone under the gunfire? He is as alive as any other being, but he is ready to give his life, just to protect the lives of his countrymen. His passion, his dream to be wrapped in the green flag is greater and superior to all the possessions he has.

We still are blessed with Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, Major Shabir Sharif and Havildar Lalak Jan in shape of Capt Bilal Zafar Shaeed, Capt Meeraj Shaheed and Naib Subedar Nisar Ahmed Shaheed. The spirit to give, the vigor, and the strength is as alive as it was in 1965 and 1971. The dream to become a destiny of the martyrs’ brigade is as enthusiastic among the soldiers, as it was in the conventional wars and battles.
This is the peak time that our nation must get cognizant about the sacrifices made by the Pakistan military; acknowledge the blood and lives they have laid down for the up keep of the national pride, sovereignty and integrity of this land since its birth. It will revive the spirit among the soldiers, who feel less confident about their role and place in this war on terror. The citizen should stand by them. The whole nation must owe them the respect and honor which they deserve. Those who belittle the ambition and cause of the uniform men without realizing the sequel of sacrifices and their bravery for the past so many decades should trail through the countless tales and ponder in peace.
Whenever I see the distressing and crucial situation of my country I start losing hope, but then the sacrifices made for this land revives the spirit of hope deep within me. I console myself with a firm belief that the proud green flag will be fluttering, when I will wake up on the Day of Judgment, just because of those who are dying and who are ready to drop their blood for the honor of this flag.

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Story first published: 7th September 2012






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