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Tuesday 24, September 2019



The Words of A Dying Man…

By: Muhammad Farhan Bashir, Uploaded: 3rd October 2012

“To every mortal soul, death is soon to come. ” - It’s that reality that can never be denied rejected or disproved….

Once you set foot on this Earth, nothing is certain. It’s the unpredictable nature of life that makes it so beautiful and precarious, all at the same time. If there is one thing certain from the day you are born, it is death. Death is sure to come sooner or later… Science proves it, and thus leaves no doubt. Immortality is often a part of fiction which further clarifies that death is real, but it’s not like you are born to die….

I have often wondered why a child cries when he opens his/her eyes in this world; perhaps Adam and Eve (May the blessings of Allah SWT be upon them) did the same the day they were asked to enter this world. Tears are a sign of pain, distress, sorrow, grief, departure etc. In short tears are mostly shed in times of gloom, discontentment or rejection. I wonder if it’s the same for every child who is born, he/she too resents being sent into this world as if he/she could sense or perhaps visualize the shadows of evil closing on him/her… I was once born in the same fashion…
Time as it goes by, changes things around it. The transition could be as minute as a change of feature or as great as the disappearance of that which existed yesterday. It changed me… the very heart that detested the world when I was born started accepting its various offerings… I became accustomed to its lifestyle and its crazy traditions and methodologies. Initially there was some kind of resistance within me. I felt as if my body is made up of two different things… just like the world is divided into two factions- the ‘have’ and the ‘have-not’… Every time I fulfilled a desire of mine, a part of me revolted against me just like those in this world who, when deprived of their rights make a hue and cry demanding their rights. But just like their calls are never heard or answered, I too ignored the constant knocking from my conscience until it stopped roaring. Now I could go on fulfilling my desires because the only one thing that could stop me, I had conquered it. My conscience was now fast asleep.

I decorated my body with the most expensive ornaments, traveled in the most luxurious of cars, drank the best of wine, the latest releases in the world of music made it to my room in no time…branded cigarettes, models, I was having the time of my life. Success, fame, money, girls- I had everything. But greater than the satisfaction these things provided, was the yearning to have more. An unending thirst, a lust with no end, a hunger that could never be extinguished… the quench for more rose to such tremendous heights that the means to get it no more mattered. I could rip souls apart; deprive anyone of anything to fulfill my thirst. I was addicted; I became a slave of this world, a victim of my own desires… I lived in it and it lived in me…there was no going back, even if I wanted to I couldn’t be that child I was at birth, that which resisted this world, the one that cried in distress when made a constituent of this world…

I open my eyes once more in the hospital. The lights are low… There are countless pipes attached to my body. I’m crying again… somehow I know that if now my eyes close they will never open to see this world again or shed tears in repentance. But before I part I have learned my lesson. It’s true that each soul has to perish one day, but like I said you are not born to die… the day you enter this world, there lies in front of you, a basket full of options. It’s you who have to choose the right things, carve your way to get them. Lying on my death bed I can undoubtedly say that I chose wrongly… No matter whatever I did or could have done, I could never have conquered or put an end to my unending desires nor does contentment lie that way. Perhaps if given another life I would listen to the other part within me, that which held me back or revolted against my existence every time I took a wrong turn.

The mechanism of every human soul is designed in such a way that it initially despises anything or everything wrong, it sees, hear or senses. It did the same for me, only I didn’t pay heed to it and so I die in vain. I came in distress and I leave in the same state. The rightful lives are those who enter this world in tears by when they die others cry for them. I tell my tale so that you may choose wisely. I pray that the Almighty bless you with the best form of living…

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Story first published: 3rd October 2012






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