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Tuesday 26, May 2015



Smoke Hat – in the night of the young, the weary they stay

By: Agha Majid, Uploaded: 7th November 2012

Barbequed chicken for Rs.1.50, a loaf of bread for 25 Paisa – and a pint for about 3 rupees. Times changed drastically in my home land – the rich got richer and the poor well, they in majority turned to crime. In fact the lateral reference in words, applies to the former class as well.

I’d step just at the window at my workplace and see smoke rising from 4 different places in my view. Riots every day; bloodshed a common practice – all with tragedy raining down – on every degenerate meat bag, claiming divinity and raping their said ‘faith’.

Nonetheless, there are diamonds in the rough – who are yet not tainted if even as much as the rest.

On a similar – dare I say normal – evening I found myself intoxicated to the brim; or whim, must I say? When I found myself besides a shoot out, in a spectacle then discovering how the apparent communists living off as rightful democratic citizens, more often than not shining with dropping patriotism – block the alleyways leading to the core of their respective ‘castles’.

This trait in particular became common, although with different ideologies, social class and creed.

I for a change, preferred simplicity.

I guess you may call it as simple as – calmly sipping on your glass as you wait till the ashes and dust fall down – and then you can witness the new born sun of the dawn.

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Story first published: 7th November 2012






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