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Wednesday 26, June 2019



Have we failed as a nation?

By: Fizza Sangi, Uploaded: 30th September 2010

We, Pakistanis, always blame our politicians for being corrupt, when we, ourselves, are no better than them. Truth is, we might even be worse. They are not to be blamed for what the country is facing, well, they are not the ONLY ones to be blamed. We are part of it as well.

I never pondered over this until a couple of days back, I did not even ponder over those affected by the flood. Yes, it is true that when I enjoyed all my luxuries, I did not, even once, not that I remember, think of them. I did, however, think of all the people who conned money out of the Pakistani citizens by saying it would all be donated to the flood victims. What happened with the things that we donated, none of us know (not including those who went themselves).

The point is that this ‘crime’ or ‘sin’ was not only committed by adults, but young people as well. School going kids, in fact. Fourteen and fifteen year old Pakistani youths have conned their school mates. This happened at my own school, where those of the most wealthy families study. For practicing such an act, one must be truly heartless.

The reason they did this is because adults were doing it, they were only following their example. For those who sit back and are not doing a thing about it, I should only mention that you are as huge a part of this sin as the rest. To those youths who did this, you are not children anymore, you are mature, you know what is right and wrong, and this act does not make you ’smart’ for conning money out of those younger and older than you. You are only foolish, to be walking in the steps of your own enemies. For following the footsteps of those more foolish than yourself.

Furthermore, I would only like to add that you are no better than the politicians you pretend that you hate. Yes, you only pretend. You are no better than them.

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Story first published: 30th September 2010






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