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Tuesday 24, September 2019



The emerging moral dilemmas

By: Atique Rehman, Uploaded: 25th October 2010

I recently visited the Ibn-e-Qasim Park in Clifton area of Karachi. During my visit, I observed so many couples sitting on benches very close to each other in immoral poses. My kids asked me what these people are doing in this park. And I felt very ashamed and humiliated of my nation, that boys and girls were kissing each others openly in a public park in Pakistan.

No security guard and administrative staff dared to stop these kind of activities in public place; After opening of this park I have visited many times with my family members and friends. But this time I did not find any management and security in this park. It was a very good initiative of City District Government Karachi and Governor of Sindh.

This is my personal request to all concerned authorities to please look into these matters because it’s a public welfare park of Karachi and people coming from all over Pakistan don’t take a good impression from such activities.

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Story first published: 25th October 2010






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