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Thursday 22, August 2019



The only medical college of Baluchistan

By: Jawad Ahmed Khan, Uploaded: 7th October 2010

Bolan Medical College in Quetta is the only medical college of Balochistan, which is supposed to impart medical education for the students of the province. Unfortunately, since the inception of Bolan Medical College in 1972, the admission policy is flawed and unchecked. I have observed some discriminating factors in the admission policy, which I would like to share.

The eligibility criteria by PMDC for students, who can apply for admission is minimum 60% in intermediate. This is clearly stated in PMDC letter No. PF.3-F-2007 (Regulation) 55656 dated 8th June, 2007. However, this rule has been sidelined by the BMC selection committee and admission percentage has been reduced to a pathetic level of 45% despite several warnings by PMDC.

22 seats of MBBS has announced by the Government of Punjab and 8 seats have announced by the Government of Sindh for the medical students of Balochistan. These seats were supposed to be distributed through open merit, as they were distributed before 2007. However, in the session of 2008-2009, the percentage of open merit seats was reduced and rather quota was assigned. Further, in 2009-2010, the number of open merit seats were reduced to 10 out of 30. And regrettably this year, all seats have been assigned on quota. No place for merit!

Due to such unfair distribution of seats, hardworking and able students of Baluchistan are unable to get admission in any medical college of Sindh and Punjab. Students holding 70 to 76 percentage don’t get admission. On the contrary, 45 to 49 % marks holders are not only admitted in BMC, but are also referred to the standard medical colleges of Punjab.

Because of the deteriorating law and order conditions of Baluchistan, the 8 reciprocal seats in BMC for the students of Punjab and Sindh are left vacant almost every year. These seats are then ‘illegally’ filled by the college administration.

In the session of 2008-2009, 8 seats were given to non-deserving students without any test, only because of recommendations of ministers in Baluchistan Government. Similarly, 5 more seats were given to non deserving students without any test, due to the ‘goodwill’ of higher authorities.

In 2009-2010, 7 seats were given to non deserving students against PMDC and college rules, only due to the pressure of a student organization.

In order to save the only medical college of Balochistan, we expect the Government authorities to take action about these issues. We are hopeful that an action against unlawful acts at Bolan Medical College will be taken and education will be dispersed in a transparent manner.

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Story first published: 7th October 2010






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