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Wednesday 26, June 2019



Engaging the youth of Pakistan

By: Muhammad Ali, Uploaded: 29th November 2010

Pakistan is one of the youngest nations on the planet, with 70% of the population below the age of 35. This provides the country a huge human resource dividend, at the same time if not managed properly potentially a demographic disaster. Most political parties are talking about or are aware of how important the youth vote is going to be but no one seems to be engaging with the youth to find out what they want, similarly there is a complete lack of direction by the political entities to organise and provide a sustainable future plan for the country that involves and incorporates the demographic benefit at hand.

Young people in Pakistan are angry and frustrated. Why shouldn’t they be, Government is in disarray, it has failed to create a strategy to utilise the huge human resource we have. There are no jobs, education is limited to few and is expensive, economy is down, lawlessness is rife, poverty increasing, opportunities decreasing and problems increasing. This discontent can be seen through a mushroom growth of online mediums to discuss political failures of our leaders. The piles and piles of comments about distrust in the government, politicians and representatives are clear example of how this segment is enraged at the lack of clear vision for the future. This display of displeasure is only by those who have access to the digital media. Those who are unable speak about their frustrations must have a great rage building inside.

Youth of our country wants to engage with the decision makers to not only develop their own future but also to brighten the future of Pakistan. The reason of this mistrust with the political class and government is due to the lack of inspirational leadership, massive divide between the views of the political entities and a complete drift away from the real issues. There is an acute need not of one by an array of inspirational young dynamic leaders, who are focused on the real issues, issues that matter, discussion of problems, solutions and policies for people in years to come.

Unfortunately politicians are oblivious of the fact that this disenchantment will eventually vent itself out. The anger can pour out of bedrooms, living rooms, classrooms, play grounds on to the streets. We have had tasters not so long ago in the past when tragedies and national losses resulted in mass demonstrations, riots and anarchy like situations. Though they were limited and secluded events but an internal growing unease within the young population can be dangerous and explosive.

It is important that now leaders start speaking language of this new and upcoming generation understands, discuss the real issues affecting the real people, get the right message of public service, prosperity and welfare across. Political entities need to find charismatic, young new leaders with progressive and dynamic vision and direction. The government, leaders and political parties need to establish a direct connection with young people and consult them about the policies that affect them.

For the politicians and political parties this engagement will result in record voter turn out whenever the elections are held. This engagement with young people will also usher in a new era of peace and harmony with in our society and probable change towards a strengthened democracy.

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Story first published: 29th November 2010






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