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Wednesday 26, June 2019



Pakistan’s polarized politics

By: Muhammad Ali, Uploaded: 19th December 2010

Pakistanis have suffered under successive governments over the past three decades. Political leaders have polarised and divided Pakistan in such a way that today we are unable to justify good and bad political agendas. Political polarization within party democracy usually acts as balancing tool but when moderate voices within segments of the society and political institutions are oppressed due to judgements brought upon leaders themselves it damages the whole nation.

The main reasons of polarization are fundamental changes in the society, where media liberalization, information technology and globalization has interconnected communities and civilizations. In Pakistan intense radicalization, socio-economic decline and explosive population growth has created polarized political opinions. The leadership of political parties unable to handle this extreme change in political opinions have created divisions within the society. Controversial issues like legislative progress, democracy, external policy, internal security, inter provincial harmony; justice & foreign policy mixed with corruption, nepotism and bad governance have created extreme opinions at both ends of the political divide, leading to anarchic deadlocks and conflicts of interest within political parties and widely within the nation.

But what is our interest? What is that we should have opinions about? Institutional politics is about the interest of the Nation, the country and the region, the interest of discussing and finding solutions to the issues that our country faces. Pakistan lacks this institutional politics, our political leaders have shown lack of political wisdom by dividing the nation for personal gains and localised agendas. The inability to prioritise issues at hand and focus on finding solutions to issues that affect masses they have shown malice and stupidity. This ineptness to deal with issues with institutional politics our leaders have brought personal politics thus causing even further provincial divide, fuelled extremism and most importantly marginalized a large moderate segment of the society.

Party leaders must change their ways and pursue the politics of the people and national interest before their personal gains. They need to connect to the moderate members within their political institutions. Political parties need to re-discuss party constitutions, increase frequency of internal elections and find alternative leadership from within. It is also very important for the party members and lower political cadres to come together for a self propelled leadership change within individual parties so that we can rid our nation of opportunistic, greedy, biased illiterate and selfish leaders. Secondly all parties must agree on a national agenda framed by not one but all national stake holders based on moderate opinions and multi party congress. It is imperative that we unite our people instead of further divide based on political believes and discuss core issues for the betterment of the people and the nation.

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Story first published: 19th December 2010






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