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Tuesday 24, September 2019



My take on the carnage in Karachi

By: Umer Pirzada, Uploaded: 26th May 2012

karachi target killing

Ever since my childhood, I have been listening a lot. However, few things such as political and ethnic harmony in the city Karachi are yet to be changed; Since late 80’s, no matter whose government came in the Sind province or in the Capital. Karachi has been an open battlefield for ethnicities and mayhem always ensues in this city. At the same time the emergence of the MQM in the electoral politics of Sind and Pakistan made a surprising significant impact for better and worse. Although every citizen of the country has the right to make or form a political party or organization. However the democratic norms must also be adhered to, it is not legitimate for any party to have a militia or show arms in public rallies. Except MQM, many political or other parties openly display arms, which have been shown and proved by the print and specially electronic media, but who cares. Even any political party’s candidate got the victory in by election, the winning party shows fireworks and full fledge use of arms to show their jubilance, which is not only illegal but shameful as well. If anyone want to win by the strength of ballot, do it with kindness, demeanor and pro-development polices for your area. However in Karachi this is not the philosophy, here many parties who have no mandate use the gun for intimidation and terrorism.

In my opinion Karachi has become the playground for the feudal and the intelligence agencies. All the agencies and federals live and own precious properties in Karachi. However the filthy feudal culture and the oppression that carries on with it. That is manifested on the streets of Karachi. The migrants better known as Muhajirs or Urdu Speaking Sindhies are not like the ignorant gun toting feudal who are the anti-thesis of fairness, equality and social justice. This little theory has been proven once again a few days ago when banned outfits organization Peoples Aman Committee (PAC), Sindhi Nationalists, ANP and Marvi Memeon of PML (N) were marching from their own converted a no go area (Lyari, Cheel Chowk, Napier Road).

Why did the rally spilt up and why did the firing occur when the PAC criminals spilt from the rally and most important of all, why wasn’t any worker or leader of the rally killed or maimed if they were attacked, did the attackers were so blind that they missed the targets or what else. Only innocent passerby, bystanders and neutral people were killed, who had nothing to do with so-called Rally. Once again the feudal and their agents of oppression have swung into action which seemed a planned one, which cost many previous human lives but yet the agenda behind this rally got the attention of the people of Pakistan, and the purpose of banned outfits along with Sindhi Nationalists, ANP and representation of PML (N) got the success in terms of media attention and discussions. This is pathetic situation, people like Peoples Amn Committee and its supporters and allies are playing with fire and they deny to realize that massacre and killing of innocent people for having political attention is an inhumane crime and equally intolerable and shameful act of those who committed it.

This time like always people who are against the peace of Karachi want to steal the crown of representation of Karachi from MQM and want to make Karachi their backyard for all their filth. The fact of the matter is that the citizens of Karachi are the children of a lesser god. Hence they deserve no constitutional safeguards, dump the Fascist Rangers, FC and corrupt Sind Police on them. Let them be killed, maimed and looted and the law enforcement agencies shall do nothing. This is what has been happening since 2009.

The fact of the matter is that my lovely Karachi and Urban Sindh is the Cinderella and her step sisters and stepmother, are up to no good all the time. They are working and conspiring day and night to ensure that Karachi never thrives, because if Karachi thrives then the Muhajirs and MQM will thrive which is unacceptable to the agencies and the feudal mindset across Pakistan.

The carnage is going on as part of large criminal conspiracy between the agencies, feudal, nationalists and the criminal elements who just to loot and plunder Karachi and want to make the people of Karachi their slaves. MQM and the people of Karachi are being victimized and haunted by this unholy alliance. Now is the time for us to see who will outlast who. One thing is for sure, the Muhajirs are pushed to think that they deserve their own province because they are too distinct and the status-quo parties will never accept us unless they have their own lawful territory and mandate which has a legislature and judiciary of its own as well. They need to send a message to these criminals at Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta and Lahore.

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Story first published: 26th May 2012






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