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Monday 23, September 2019



Raspy Anarchy – Grunge Through My Eyes

By: Agha Majid, Uploaded: 17th May 2012

Raspy vocals, rough guitars and a crude sound; that’s what music was all about in the 90s. Grunge was at its peak, the very precipice of owning the musical dominion globally. A fierce new species of musicians just ready to put it out there and stick anarchy to the man. The raw vibe of the whole era still is nostalgic and doesn’t fail to overwhelm an individual.

Drug induced mindsets in a frenzy just created real and true art, whether that may be music, paintings or writings. I am not gonna talk about how it all is gradually dying out, but rather focus on the treasures of GRUNGE, yeah!?

Still as I right this, I have a nirvana track on; though it’s a fact that there still are people who pay their homage to this old mysterious archaic music. At a first listen it may appear to be your regular street rock but when one closely listen to the layers of magnificently laid layers in the sound scape; it never fails to provide sheer amusement and trance enforcement.

The depth of music truly a sanctuary for all those outcast creative heads, some treading outside the bounds and some silently marching within the soldiers of our snuffing materialistic and parasitic society. Once in a while bearing it and at times other, raising their voice, to the anthems of the echoes of screams squeeled from the caves of the grunge 90s.

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Story first published: 17th May 2012






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