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Tuesday 24, September 2019



Fields Elysian In Imaginirum

By: Agha Majid, Uploaded: 14th June 2012

We dream of Elysian Fields, bearing

Fruits that come to feed our beings.

As we open our eyes against,

The gushing fierce winds of pastures, green.

The fragrance, of dampening earth..

From the rainfall that comes freely..

As spur out flowers, so luscious..

A sparkly reflection of our pure souls..

Sun glowing breathing butterflies,

that flutter us by, leaving behind sounds.

Of divine wings fluttering, mid air,

creating a trail of air bubbles, blue.

Still remains, it as a delusion,

In our hopes, living on as an improbability.

Just a longing, to hear and feel;

The earth as a heaven, in actuality it could be.

Bearing still the tree of doubt,

At some corner dim lit in our brain.

Choosing to see, the reality from afar,

So colors could merge, to create in sight;

an empyrean.

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Story first published: 14th June 2012






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