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Monday 23, September 2019



Cat stares God!

By: Agha Majid, Uploaded: 2nd November 2012

The product of my calming rituals – my walks – they often lead me to strange places and landscapes, sometimes putting me to great harm and discomfort. But all in all – peaceful; the wheel of life, it goes around; many a times teaching us in its own universally obscure way.

Or call it our sub-conscious desire to see it – a pattern.

There I was, on one of my afore-described escapades, that I came to a turning. A new-age archaic mansion – with different architectural elements borrowed from renowned historic civilizations.

That of course had a lot of help due to the fact that my country was ruled by the British…Mughals, Alexander the great – basically taught by many ‘reliable’ figure-


I took another gulp of the brew in my hand; and saw a few cars parked in the closed driveway with a lot of fauna around.

I decided to light up a smoke and sit there – taking in my surroundings.

As I sat there contemplating, human psyche, behaviour and relations – God and its existence and finally pestering down in my own misery – I saw there a cat pleasing to the eye. Sitting upright by the wheel of the chariot like, it too was intoxicated and unable to withhold the weight of matter in-between the land and sky.

Then I noticed its stare was fixated upon something – as if it too a creature of lesser evolutionary genetics , could concentrate and give thought to an idea.

Like it could comprehend everything and it – can.

I trace it upwards, hoping to see a revelation of some sort – maybe with an underlying sheath of mockery.

I saw but a girl, there too – staring blindly beyond the cage of a terrace , following the movements; the writhing of the cat’s tail.

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Story first published: 2nd November 2012






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