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Friday 23, August 2019



Agha Majid


Cat stares God!
The product of my calming rituals – my walks – they often lead me to strange places...
2nd November 2012
Eid spelled backwards is – DIE!
“POP!” goes the bottle – along with some remembrance of the night. So yes it was Eid...
1st November 2012
Kevin Rose’s Digg to be revamped
Once, the pioneering social content aggregator, that had its founder, Kevin Rose on the cover of...
13th July 2012
Return of Amir Liaquat
Many predicted the return of the ‘infamous’ Amir Liaquat to Geo Tv Network and I guess the...
6th July 2012
Fields Elysian In Imaginirum
We dream of Elysian Fields, bearing Fruits that come to feed our beings. As we open our...
14th June 2012
Peace In Black – Pakistan Today
So put forth, the words announced loud, Lies twisting around you; at the neck. Intricate flag of...
11th June 2012
Raspy Anarchy – Grunge Through My Eyes
Raspy vocals, rough guitars and a crude sound; that’s what music was all about in the 90s....
17th May 2012



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