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Sunday 18, August 2019



Faisal Hussain


“How to’s” of Breakup
Researcher in Australia suggests that easy way of breaking up with a person is  showing some element...
20th June 2012
The Dons; the Mafias; the Politicians; the Drugs; the Police; the Talibans – Karachi! All in One
Karachi city of lights or city of dead, Suroosh Alvi founder of Vice Magazine, whose forty minute...
18th June 2012
Siachen, The World’s Highest Battlefield
The divergence in Siachen stems from the partly demarcated region on the map of this area. The...
Monologue: Ali Kapadia
My Story My name is Ali Kapadia – a Pakistani filmmaker from San Francisco. Stories have fascinated...
16th June 2012
Tumhe Pata hai mein kiska beta hoon!?!?
I wonder why  large number of cosmopolitans are carrying arms with them. In other parts of the world...
14th June 2012
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
Historic Venus transit was a marathon event lasting nearly seven hours, unfolded in the morning sky all across the country from...
6th June 2012
Media Ethics, what the hell is that?
Post 2000 era led to the boom of electronic media in Pakistan whether it is television, telecommunication,...
You scratch my back, I will scratch yours
Due to abysmal policies and erroneous judgments of the governments corruption has found place in people nerves....
2nd June 2012
Hindustan ka asar Pakistan ki awam par (Part II)
As I mentioned in my earlier blog about the influence of India on Pakistan is max out,...
1st June 2012
Hindustan ka asar Pakistan ki Awam Par (Part 1)
Remember the time when we subcontinent people used to live together? Later on we decided to find...
31st May 2012
Spare the misery: KESC
Residents of Karachi are facing a ridicule brought upon us by KESC itself. Word Commercial area is...
30th May 2012
Napak-istan- Quoam ki Bakwas
Since the independence of Pakistan, we are facing several amounts of tribulations. Founder of our dear country...
26th May 2012



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